leech@thethirdthing 2015

Leech-FINAL2Leech presents multi-media assemblies – oratory, images, sounds, songs, and poetry.

Friday  8pm-9pm

Theatre of Memory

The slave of living history reveals the Theatre of Memory

strata-faceSaturday 1pm-2.30pm

Vignette: On Forgiveness, Resentment and Remembering

When Theodor Adorno ceased working as a composer in 1945 he uttered a famous and oft-misunderstood maxim: “To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric” ; after Paul Celan wrote his poem Todesfugue , Adorno recanted and said “perennial suffering has as much right to expression as the tortured have to scream”. Celan’s poem shapes this assembly leading to the shattered weathervane of Jean AmeryResentment is a Virtue.

Saturday 7.30pm– 8.30

Creatures of Coal


Treasure of the carboniferous age worked by the miners of the industrial age

enter the wounded mind of the creatures of coal.

king-coal7-finalSunday Noon – 1.30pm


Disconsolamentum and the Dragonfly.

Stone Chat with Leech – an opportunity for dialogue and discussion.



One comment on “leech@thethirdthing 2015

  1. “Whoever was tortured, stays tortured,” Améry concludes. He is indelibly burned with the knowledge that trust in the world—the trust that no one will lay hands on you—is astonishingly fragile, and can be lost at any moment. He knows something that they do not teach you in schools: that the Other can be absolute, and can exercise this absolute power by inflicting suffering.


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