Twists and Turns I Friday 7pm–  Let’s Twist Again with The Skeleton of Anarchy“Ye are Many they are Few…Hang out with Leech  and turn the Twisted Yarn of HistoryTwisted Rope of History.jpg

Twists and Turns II Saturday 11am The Conversation is Getting Tense…
Past, Present and Future are before and after us! What are you on about ?
“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell

Twists and Turns III Saturday 4.15pm Enclosure
The philosophy walks with Chris Ellis and Leech used to roam freely over the land: now they will twist words with in tent. ‘Enclosure like a Buonaparte let not a thing remain…they even hung the moles for traitors” John Clare

Image result for enclosure john clare

Whose Land is it anyway? Saturday 8.30pm
Leech will host this plenary session drawing the twists and turns of the day together with reference to land ownership, custodianship, and the nation.  A time to pose a few questions…


Image result for political folk music

Twists and Turns in the Tradition  Sunday 10am
Folk Tradition and the Political Song: recovering strands of the Stainsby School, a brief introduction to the ‘form of life’ that is revealed in folk song and tunings.

Handing on the Tradition Sunday11.40am
What is handed on playing folk song?

In Whose Trust ? Sunday 2.30pm
The twists and turns of the programme of the Third Thing lead us to here. Our final plenary session is a forum for questions about the future of the festival and the land. Come and join the discussion…Image result for turner anarchy

Twists and Turns IV : Sunday 4pm A Twist in the Tale
A final spin of the yarn with Leech


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